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Your Session

The method
At HypnoPowerd we use the hypnotherapy method OMNI by Gerald Klein.


It is a very efficient and cause-oriented method. The OMNI Hypnotherapy anticipates that many mental or physical symptoms have an emotional triggering event as the core cause. This past event has created in the subconsicous synosis which create fears, behavior patterns and blocks. Sooner or later, at a mental level first, then at a physical one, symptoms will manifest. 

During an OMNI session, we "regress to Cause" (R2C). It means that the hypnotherapist will take you back to the core event of your actual challenge and dissolves it in the subconscious mind. By changing the past, you actually change the present and the self-healing process of the body is activated and enhanced. 

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The following sequences will take place


1. Introduction and medical history

In your first session I will explain the details of hypnosis, how hypnotheray works. We will discuss your personal history, role, and responsibilities. This part of the consultation can take between 30 to 60 minutes.


2. Questions & Answers

Your opportunity to ask any questions that you have about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. All questions will be answered honestly and openly.


3. Definition of Goals and Expectations

We define the Goals and Expectations that you want to achieve from the Hypnotherapy Session. 


4. Induction of hypnosis 

Approximately 1-7 minutes


5. Hypnotherapy

Depending on the topic and it's complexity, this can last between 30 and 75 minutes.


6. Dissolution of hypnosis


7. If necessary - After talk


8. Feedback / Follow Up


The Initial Appointment can last up to 3 hours. Please note that you may want to have a quiet time after the session. 


A second, third appointment may be necessary, especially when several topics are to be processed or a theme is very complexed (i. E. Smoking and losing weight or mood swings and smoking).


Only on very rare occasion more than 3 appointment for the same theme are necessary. It is nevertheless important to understand that no reputable hypnotherapist can give you any promise of salvation - this is not something you would receive from your doctor either. 


If you are unable to make an appointment, please cancel at least 48 hours (workdays) in advance. In the event of short-term cancellations or non-appearances, we will unfortunately have to charge you a flat fee of CHF 300 for the session.

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