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ThetaTrance Painting
balsam, healing & energy

Our environment is important. Each object which surrounds us has its Energy and can support us when it is aligned with our deeper core. 

A ThetaTrance Painting can offer healing energy in your life, create harmony in your environment and support you. 

Each painting is created in an altered state of consciousness (trance) and contains Life Force Energy.

I don't decide which motif comes.  In Trance I connect with your soul and spiritual Team to create the needed energy in different forms, colours and words. Each painting is individual and will correspond to your SOUL and BEEING.

How to proceed

Get in touch with me per contact formular mentioning which art of painting drawing you want.

I will get in touch and we can discuss details. 

What I will need from you

- full name (all first names, including any maiden name )

- date of birth

- a recent photo if available (not older than one year, where the eyes can be seen (no sunglasses).

- Delivery address and telephone number

Different techniques and material are available depending on your needs and taste. See below the different possibilities.

Please contact me if you would like something specific which is not mentioned here. 

Malen 2-CMesot copy.jpg

I never painted until I consciously started to channel around 10 years ago. It came as a need with the presence of my spiritual Team or Guides, THE COUNCIL.


All my colleagues were painting nice angels or guides but I was not allowed too. I was particularly distressed because all what I was allowed to paint where landscapes (except for the portrait of Light Beings during the circle evenings). I know that they contained all different powerful energies ... But all I wanted was to do like many others: paint the Guides, the Angels I would feel and see! How frustrating that time was but I knew I had to trust. 


One day my Spiritual Team asked me if I would put an "esoteric painting in my business office in the bank?" That is when I realised the power and purposes of the landscapes. Sometimes you want discretion, energy and support. And this is what they offer and I finally understood... 

Since then the doors of many others techniques and possibilities have opened but I had to have that experience to allow my personal development. ​

PowerPainting for the Soul with guidance & healing energy   CHF 150*

Watercolour          24 x 32    

with 10m. Channeling    CHF 200 

Geistführer gechannelt guides

SOUL & GUARDIAN ANGEL Painting for Big & Small CHILDREN     CHF 110*
Watercolour       12,5 x 18   cm    

with tailor-made passepartout       CHF 120    (outer format 18x24 cm) 


Guides Portrait  CHF 200*

Watercolor   24 x 32 cm

IMG_5624 2.jpg

Commissioned Landscape Energy Healing Painting 

Oil on canvas only 

Price depending on size      40x40 cm   CHF 650*

+ personalised recorded                           CHF   50
short channeled meditation           

Energiebild Landschaft energy painting landscape
Energiebild Landschaft energy painting landscape
Energiebild Landschaft energy painting landscape

* All prices are exclusive shipping costs Switzerland (flat rate CHF 10) 

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