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ONLINE ThetaTrance Meditation
Change made easy 
live every second Wednesday 8-9 pm  (in German only - recording)

Words from THE COUNCIL about the meditations

"Although these meditations can be booked independently, you will experience a deeper change if you participate in all of them in the order in which they are offered.
Remember that everything we are is interconnected.
The path we suggest is the easier and smoother one."

The evening is open to all who desire healing, be it emotional or physical.

No previous knowledge is required, only the openness and willingness to welcome changes.

Heilung Zürich
Energie Heilung
Energie Heilung Zurich


Time: from 8.00 pm till approx. 9.00 pm

Online with ZOOM. Learn here how to it works and what you need. 

Investment: CHF 50 per person / per evening


Book all 6 meditations and pay only CHF 230

instead of CHF 300.-

You will receive all organizational details, and a link by email after your registration.
Just click on the button, give uns your full name, and address,  email and the meditation you would like to participate to. THANK YOU


Please note that for organisational purpose we ask for registration. Thank you!

Even if change is the only constant in life, what we are experiencing due to the new global circumstances  awakes many of our primal fears. 

For the first time ever (for many of us)  we are confronted with our survival fears and the total unknown. What we knew is not here anymore, the present is so different and the future is full of uncertainty. 

In this time of insecurities, it is important to let go to of the fear and to reconnect to the field of Infinite Trust available at the source level.
Fear can weaken your entire system and leave space for disharmony and chaos. 

During this ONLINE ThetaTrance Meditation, my spiritual Team THE COUNCIL will concentrate on recreating and expanding this feeling of Infinite Trust and the specific Theme of the evening by clearing all unneeded blockages. 
Mind, soul and body will be brought back into harmony through channeled higher vibrating energies.

The mind is freed from limiting beliefs, the soul from old injuries

and physical healing is allowed to happen as a result.

You will be led back to your original being, where your self-healing powers are located and activated. THEN THE DESIRED CHANGES CAN TAKE PLACE.


In a time of transformation, one may feel lost. Memories of the past are reemerging; unbroken patterns are resurfacing to be healed.

The past 6 months have been for me a very transformative time. The past month has been the culprit of a new way of thinking and feeling. 

In alignment with the energy of change shaking the earth and the system, you are probably also going through strong changes. Or you may also have the feeling that something needs to bulge, you want to change. A certain sense of emergency and pressure coming from within, pushing you to ask existential questions and maybe even reconsider old dreams, different ways of living or thinking.  

In this new series, we will use this new energies to transform our old self into the powerful one which lies below the surface of your own being. 
You feel that power when you are serene, when you look at the ocean, when you take a deep breath… In those moments, where there is no questioning, there is no doubts. In those moment where all make perfect sense.  
In this series, you will bring forward that part of you which recognizes your own truth, whatever life is throwing at you. THE REAL ME. 



1.03   - Retrieving my power coming from the sea

15.03 - Connecting with my star’s knowledge 

29.03 - Trusting my decision’s process 

12.04 - Recognizing my path
26.04 - Trusting in the process of being me

10.04 - Welcome to the real me


*All the frequencies, information clearings and downloads made during this channeled event are imprinted in this recording. There is no impact-difference if you participate live or listen to it afterwards. The energy field is free from time and space. Everything is alive, so to speak, and available at any time as soon as you connect. 

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