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Spiritual Team - THE COUNCIL

Speaking as One Unique Voice, THE COUNCIL is composed of 12 + 1 different entities. 12 light beings representing the 12 different realms of energy, 1 honoring the whole. 

words of wisdom
SPIRIT GUIDANCE               

Are you at a crossroads in your life?
Do you wish to gain greater clarity about your current situation, life and path?
Would you like to receive guidance during a difficult transformational time or answers to a choice you have to make?
Do you harbor self-doubt and wish to receive support, encouragement and reinsurance?
Are looking to access a higher knowledge in order to support your spiritual growth?


A channeling session can cover all these subjects and many more to provide the understanding you are looking for. You will receive clear, precise, insightful and supportive guidance regarding any life situation you may be facing, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

Channeling is like opening the door to a broader understanding of One's situation or path. Catherine defines herself as a bridge between both the spiritual and physical world, allowing words and energy support from the Spirit World to flow through. Prior to a reading she tunes in and request the help of Spirit for your highest good as a basic intent for the session.

At the beginning of a session, Catherine Spiritual Teams, THE COUNCIL, first likes to convey messages without input from your side, except that  you understand and confirm what is being said. They create what they call the “BOUNDING BRIDGE OF TRUST”, a time where both worlds, the spirit and the physical one, are being bridged through the channel. They normally relate, explain the past, what was or still needs to be understood, or just explain where you are standing right now....
Afterwards all your personal questions are welcome.

During a channeling, various sources of evolved consciousness such as Catherine’s Spiritual Team, your Guides, Angels, fairies, your higher self, deceased Loved Ones, the akaschic records and others… can be contacted and offer insights. However only the light source, which is the most relevant for your understanding and personal situation, will be allowed to manifest. This is the intent sent out during Catherine’s preparation prior to your arrival, and additionally that all answers to be for your highest good.

Catherine recommends to record your session, as listening to the reading again after a certain time can provide further insights. When your situation has evolved, when your understanding broadens, so does the depth/relevance of the message and you may grasp different facets of it.

Please take your own recording material (iphone is perfectly sufficient) as none is provided.

Note that no information is needed nor wished prior to your visit.

Also be aware that by the time you leave, latest 30 min after the end of the session, Catherine will not recall what has been said. She may possibly remember the general feeling or theme but none of the details as they were never meant to be for her. All channelings are done in an altered state of consciousness where her own conscience is relegated to the passenger seat.

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