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Fear of Public Speaking

Symptoms of glossophobia 

  • avoiding situations where you may be required to speak in front of a group

  • feelings of panic when asked to speak publicly

  • nausea

  • increased heart rate/palpitations

  • shaking

  • dry mouth.

This is a non-exhaustive list.




The thought of getting up in front of a crowd an audience and making a speech is enough to make most of us break out in a sweat.
Fear of public speaking is common - and it's becoming even more so.  Modern lifestyles mean we are less likely to find ourselves in public situations. Much of our free time is spent in the comfort of our own homes or online.
At work, more people are utilising email, online hangouts and conference calls, so there is rarely a need to speak in front of an audience. This all means that when public speaking situations do come up,  we can feel anxious.

Glossophobia - fear of public speaking

Glossophobia comes from a fear of being judged, which can be triggered when a lot of people are paying attention to you. This, combined with doubts about your ability to deliver can feel overwhelming.

Fear of public speaking can be reinforced when we make mistakes. Even if we only make one small mistake when speaking, our minds tend to focus on this, justifying our fears.

Experiencing a little anxiety when asked to speak in public is to be expected. If your anxiety overwhelms you however and holds you back from what you want to do in life, this is where we can help you. 

It's important to note that a fear of public speaking isn't limited to making speeches in front of a crowd. Those with glossophobia may withdraw from a number of social situations, such as asking for directions, attending job interviews and speaking to shop assistants. Therefore, it is a phobia that can affect day-to-day life.

How can hypnotherapy help?

As with most phobias, glossophobia isn't something you can control consciously. People may tell you to relax, but usually this does little to control your symptoms. This is because the symptoms you experience stem from your unconscious.

Hypnotherapy works with your unconscious to find out where the root of your anxiety comes from. Typically it comes from misinformation gathered from a past experience. 

Once you are in a deeply relaxed state, we can talk to your unconscious and help to uncover the situation or event that triggered your glossophobia. Much of the time, the event is seemingly insignificant, but over time it grows in our mind to become something we can no longer control.

After identifying the cause and clearing it, we then use suggestion techniques to boost your self-confidence, instill positive thinking and reduce anxiety.  
This will help you feel calm as well as confident when you are required to speak in public. 

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