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The following ThetaTrance Energie Signs have been channeled with the intent to offer healing on specific subject. They can be used during meditation, in your daily life or event to energize your water/cream...

The energy of colors and forms enhance the healing process of the body, mind & soul by dissolving old patterns and creating new supportive vibrations. 


Format             15x10 cm

Material           Laminated for long term use

Cost                   CHF 20 each   +  delivery cost per post​

Special Offer  


Click on the sign for further information on its energy. 

Example of Use

I personally like to use the INFINITE TRUST sign during my channeling consultation and channeled meditation evening.
I simply have placed a card under the cushion of my chair and integrated on in my mediation cushion. I simply leave them there. 

It gives me this extra boost of confidence which I am always happy to receive. 

Every morning, during my meditation, I ask what would support me today, for my highest good. I then place the card under my jar of water. 

Catherine Nuurja

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