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Our Services are available in E/G/F, in Zürich or Bulle. 
First Hypnotherapy Session
The first appointment includes a preliminary talk and past medical history prior to the hypnosis session.  It can last up to 3 hours.
Zürich           Bulle*
                         PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR 
                                        THE PRICE LIST IN BULLE!
CHF 450 
flat rate
Following Hypnotherapy Session
Any further session after the First Hypnotherapy can last between 1h./1h30 min. 
CHF 200 
per hour
QuitSmoking Package
includes a first Hypnotherapy session (up to 3 hours) and a follow up session within 4 weeks if needed (ca. 1.h ) to secure the stability of the results. 
Invest CHF 650 and  save up over CHF 2000 within a year! (for an average 1 pack a day smoker)
CHF 650 
Flat rate
Unwrapping Gift Box
Are available. please contact us. Please note that the voucher are not redeemable in cash and valid max. 1 year.

If you are unable to make an appointment, please cancel at least 48 hours in advance. In the event of short-term cancellations or non-appearances, we will unfortunately have to charge you for the session.

Energy Therapy
Channeling Session
ThetaTrance Session
*for couple sessions the price increases by 50% 
CHF 200* 
60 min. 
The Art of Unfolding Circle
Development Circle, Group Session, maximum 10 people
CHF 50
approx. 2 hours
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