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Soul Source Journey
spiritual hypnosis 

Those that know me are aware that I have been communicating with my Spiritual Team or Guides for a long time and am used to move between realities and access past memories and lives. I know how moving and profoundly life changing this conscious connection can be and feel. I experience it on a daily basis.

My personal Spiritual Hypnosis Session took me however even further, to another level of understanding and experience that years of spiritual search had not been able to.

I gain further insights but also a profound sense of serenity about my life and circumstances. IT FINALLY ALL MADE SENSE!

And that was the exact moment when I decided that I would take the necessary steps to acquire the skills to  accompany and support others on that inner healing journey... 


If you want to experience this unique journey, Please get in touch here.

your direct access to 

Are you seeking answers to life’s questions?

Feeling unsure about your life purpose and if you are on the right path?

Experiencing recurring patterns, facing dramatic situations or illnesses?

Do you want to receive direct guidance (no medium involved) from higher sources and meet your Soul Guide and Soul Family?


A SOUL SOURCE JOURNEY is the answer to your quest.

Sometimes also known as Spiritual Hypnosis/Regression or Life between Lives regression (LBL), a SOUL SOURCE JOURNEY is a deep hypnotic process during which you return to that space between lives, between incarnations. 

You connect directly with your own immortal soul in the afterlife and access the knowledge, memories and wisdom it has accumulated.

In this state you can personally and directly receive the answers to all your questions and awaken the profound understanding of your immortal identity. You can gain deep insights and wisdom that support your actual life. 


With direct access (you become the medium, the channel through the hypnotic state) to the source of knowledge, which is your soul and your Soul Guide, you will not only understand but also feel, sense and know in the core of your being why you choose your today’s life. You will gain clarity about your life path, lessons and grasp the bigger picture of your incarnation.


The deeper understanding that nothing happened by accident, that your Soul carefully planned all that you have experienced in this life and the ability to access THE REASONS BEHIND THOSE CHOICES is deeply healing.


A SOUL SOURCE JOURNEY brings you to the core of who you truly are.

Feeling at One with your higher self, without the doubts and limitations of the mind/body, facing consciously your soul guide completely is a beautiful moving and life-changing moment. 


Do you seek a deeper understanding for your life and life path…

Do you want to gain clarity about your choices, personal circumstances, relationship and future…

Do you find yourself at a crossing…

Do you want to deepen your spiritual connection…

Do you have life questions and want to understand where you came from and where you are going

Then yes, a Soul Source Journey definitely for you. 



There is no prerequisite; you don’t need to be a believer, to belong to a special religion. This journey is open to All seeking answers.


Please note that if you have never had a hypnosis session or regression, I recommend to have 2 separate sessions:  first a past life regression and then in the following session the SOUL SOURCE JOURNEY itself. This process will ensure that you profit completely from the SOUL SOURCE JOURNEY as you will be acquainted with the hypnotic state.


A SOUL SOURCE JOURNEY takes between 4-5 hours. Please be aware that a quiet time for yourself afterwards is highly recommended. 

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