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create the future you want to live

30th October 2022 - Zurich

Vision Board Journey

In German

From 9:30 a.m. to approximately 1:00 p.m. 

Praxis Vivo Respiro

Alstetterstrasse 290,

8047 Zurich


Participants: min. 5 - max. 10 participants


No prior knowledge or skills are required (no painting or drawing), just an openness and willingness to discover and explore your desires and dreams, to feel and express your feelings. And finally, just allow yourself to DREAM BIG!


Price: CHF 180 

includes tea, water and small snacks. 

I will also provide the whiteboard and some creative materials. 



Magazines, cut out magazines 





Cutting tools



A vision board is the materialization of your wishes and heart desires. A mix collage of pictures, inspiring words and sentences, drawings representing the future you want to see and live. It projects into reality your inner world and thoughts. 
The creative process is at the base of everything which surrounds you. From idea, to plan, to concretization and materialization. Whether it is the dinner on the table or the big house… the only difference is the way we tend to judge one more difficult to obtain than the other. 


To materialize something new, by definition out of our comfort zone, we need to be able to dream it. But to Dream Big is not very well seen in our society. Specially in Switzerland, we tend to believe that we shouldn’t be outstanding, we should just stay put and not disturb. 


In this workshop, under the guidance of my spiritual team THE COUNCIL, their channeled meditations and supportive energy, we will use the powerful tool of the vision board to manifest our wished future. We will DREAM BIG! And enjoy the creative process individually and with the support of the energy of the group. 


We will  

  • Create step by step, layers by layers a vibrant and powerful vision board

  • Prepare the space for the new by transforming blocked energy

  • Use the power of spirit to connect with your vision board and receive guidance

  • Learn how to use in your daily life your vision board, where to place it and how to connect with it

  • Use and experience the power of the group energy to support your dreams and visions



The vision board can support the manifestation of your wishes. It is powerful way to make your dreams tangible and attainable. It tells your mind what is important, what it should focus upon. Where the focus goes, the energy follows.

Remember, this is not about creating an artistic masterpiece but creating something personal and inspiring.”


As always all meditations, healing protocols and creative guidance have been or will be channeled. The workshop will be tailormade to the energy of the group and the support of THE COUNCIL, my spiritual team will always be present. 

We look forward to welcoming you on this creative vision board journey.

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