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REMOTE  ThetaTrance Healing
Heilung Zürich
Energie Heilung
Energie Heilung Zurich

Upon booking please indicate the reasons for which you contacted me so I can focus  directly on your concern and priorities.

In a Remote ThetaTrance treatment, the healing energy is activated at a distance without any interaction with you (no personal or telephone contact).


Mind, soul and body are brought back into harmony through channelled higher vibrating energies. The mind is freed from limiting beliefs, the soul from old wounds and therefore physical healing can take place. You will be returned to your original being, where your self-healing powers are localized and activated. Your own energy fields are reset to health and self-healing can begin. Further information can be found here.


At the agreed time I will start the treatment by connecting energetically with you. 

The treatment will proceed exactly as if you were present in the practice and facing me. 

I will go into a meditative state which I call ThetaTrance. It allows me to direct my consciousness independently of time and space, to feel your energy field, to release blockages and to activate active self-healing. 


At the agreed time of the remote treatment I recommend a little rest, just relax or lie down.  A slight dizziness may occur, so you should avoid driving at the agreed time or operating dangerous instruments/machines.

Some people feel the energies at work, others fall asleep, others feel nothing. 

This is irrelevant for the quality of the healing. 

However, it is important that you drink a lot of water/tea before and after (please avoid coffee, high-energy drinks, cola or alcohol). 


Within one week after the treatment you will receive a resumé by e-mail. This will explain what has been done, where the blockages were perceived and solved. The transparency in this non-visible area is important for me

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