Creative self-healing workshop
self-acceptance & self-love 

2nd April 2022

In German
from 9.30 am to approx. 12.30 pm 

Painting Studio:

Vivo Respiro
Alstetterstrasse 290,

8037 Zürich

Participants: max. 10 participants


No previous knowledge is required, only the openness and willingness to discover and explore the unknown.


Price: CHF 180 

including painting materials, tea, water and small snacks. 

ThetaTrance Painting.jpg

Self-acceptance is the door to self-love

Self-love is the doorway to the creator energy, and abundance. 

In this intuitive self-healing workshop, we will use the innocence of the child in you to retrieve the healing power you possess, let go of the past, and download in your field the energy of what you want to attract in your life. 
We will use the energy of the group to support each other and open new possibilities. You will be able to work on your own theme, as all is always link to self-love. 

With creativity, in this case colors and forms, we can access easily in the healing power of source. You will be reminded of who you truly are and be able to expand to another level of consciousness. 
The aim will not be to create the perfect painting, but to use the process to create a new colorful inner you. 

As always, the workshop will be channeled and therefore completely tailored to the participants. 

About ThetaTrance Painting
My Spiritual Team, THE COUNCIL, shared in the following line the intent and also what you can expected from a ThetaTrance Painting session.


“A ThetaTrance Painting is a journey in your inner world, in that space where creation and by definition creativity takes place. It is a journey where you touch that part of you which allows creation within the world.

It is not a space where the delivery, the form is judged but where the intent will create the fulfilling emotion, which we search for.


In a session you will not only create a new emotion, confront yourself with that inner Artist which is you but you will also allow yourself to express your inner emotional world. Expressing, understand, materializing will make you alive and balanced. 

You will find the source of your own healing, within!


By connecting to that inner knowledge, to that inner source, you will better understand who you are, where you stand and what creates joy in your life. You will not only theoretically know that you are the key to your well-being, you will feel it. 

And when you understand the total truth within that no one else than you is responsible for your own happiness, you will be only one feet away to find it. 
Within are the answers to your outside oriented search. 

It is our promise that we will accompany you on that journey toward you, because this is the only place where you will feel entirely and in every moment secure, loved and whole. 

It is the distance between who you think you are and who you truly are that creates the hurt you experience in your daily life. 

When the distance disappears, when the Thought of You and the Inner You are aligned, then acceptance is all there will exist. And what is more fulfilling than knowing, feeling that the whole of what you are is the whole of what you want to be in that instant. 

There is no better feeling that allowing ONE TO BE ONE.


The course includes snacks and fruit during the breaks. Water and hot drinks such as tea are also available. 

We will work with watercolor pencils (watercolors), brushes and watercolor paper. 

If you have your own favorite material (color pencils / watercolors color pencils / brushes), just take it with you.