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In connection with
your inner voice and  Spiritual Team 

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2021 DATES


Seminar days:

Saturday 6.11.2021

Saturday 4.11.2021

from 9.30 a.m. to approx. 5.00 p.m.


Practice evening + Q&A ONLINE: 15.11.2021

from 19.30 to ca. 21.00 o'clock



Praxis Vivo Respiro
Altstetterstrasse 290, 8047 Zürich

Participants: min. 8 max. 16


No previous knowledge is needed, just openness and willingness to discover and explore the unknown.



1 participant:  790 CHF (early bird: 690 CHF )

2 participants*: 1'280 CHF (early bird: 1'180 CHF )


Early bird discount: binding registration up to and including October 1, 2021


* Whether spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, business colleague, everything is allowed. Just register together.



Channeling is the opening of your door to the inner voice, to get to your original knowledge. You gain your personal access for all your questions. With a little practice and experience you will receive clear answers and profound insights that you can trust. So even for your own path in life.


It is a bridge between worlds, guided by an energy that you cannot grasp, but which is there for everyone. It helps for clear messages, balanced self-healing and grateful knowing. This unique flow brings insight, understanding and healing.


Each of us has his or her own inner team

Naming this energy is complex. It feels like an inner team or field that knows the answers to all your questions. So some speak of intuition, higher self, spirit guides, angels or light beings and others speak of the inner team or energy fields. No matter what we call the access to it, it supports us to walk our soul path as a human being. You feel the strengthening and well-wishing feelings of this connection, which change the view and the understanding of your own life strikingly positive. So you have for yourself the enriching knowledge, in a not visible world. 


Together we will discover how you can connect with your spiritual team and welcome them into your life.


Find your own entrance

We explore different ways for everyone to develop and strengthen their own connection to their Spiritual Team. The seminar includes many practical exercises to deepen your access, communication and trust.


Get ready to break through the limitations of your mind!


What is special about Catherine's training, in addition to her years of experience and unique talent, is that she gives the guidance to her spirit team, "THE COUNCIL". 

Every meditation, every feedback, every message is channeled. Thus, her courses are unique and customized to the participants. One can feel the truth content and often just marvel and nod in affirmation.


Day 1

The first thing we do is create a solid foundation. Connecting with the universal is like gardening. It takes understanding, seeds, water and patience. All at the right time and in the right proportion.

  • Grounding Meditation

  • Know yourself

  • Your personal "gateway": Clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance.

  • Discover different tools to perceive your intuition and strengthen it

  • Clean your channel to further develop communication

  • Release blockages, fears and beliefs

  • Meet and get to know your spiritual team and their way of communication

Day 2

On the second day of the seminar we will focus entirely on communication with your personal Spiritual Team.

  • Personal preparation for a session

  • Ask the right questions to get the answers you want

  • Increase your confidence in the answers you receive

  • Receive direct guidance from your Spiritual Team on how to further strengthen your connection

  • Learn how to maintain the connection in your daily life

Channeling gives you access to the spiritual world.

Catherine and "THE COUNCIL", look forward to accompanying you on your first steps and opening the door to a whole new world. 

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