Akashic Healing
Medium Zurich
clear the past

Do you want move forward, change your life and unfold to your full potential but somehow feel stuck?
Are you confronted with the same recurring problems in your love life, financial challenges or your work environment?
Are you overwhelmed by disproportionate emotions, violent or undesirable reactions, which are making “no-sense” when you reflect upon the circumstances afterwards?
Are you feeling anxious about life, insecure or not believing in yourself?
Would you like to free yourself from compulsive behavior, unexplainable fears and patterns? 

The source of those external symptoms may be located in your past, a past well before your present now. Resurfacing from your past lives, these challenges need to be understood and cleared out of your path so you can unfold your full potential.

Akashic Healing is a holistic healing method developed by Catherine Mesot under the guidance of her Spiritual Team -THE COUNCIL- and can be the perfect answer.
By clearing blockages created by past life memories, Akashic Healing can help you create the necessary space to access the POWER OF THE NOW.
In the NOW, aware and present, you tap into your full potential and create the life you want.

You were not born as a blank slate, but as a soul rich with both the wisdom and scars from many lifetimes.
Memories of the past charged with energy continue to affect you at an unconscious level and interfere in your daily life.
Souvenirs of things left undone, vows made, accomplishments, failures, mistakes, success, emotional debts, guilt, gratitude, traumatic and sudden deaths, wisdom, love impact the way you see, sense and live your present life.

Past life memories can create positive or negative patterns affecting our relationships, behaviors, motivations, and even our physical bodies and health.
Positive patterns feed talents, bestow wisdom, influence tastes, and energize life purpose.  
Negative patterns fuel destructive, compulsive behavior, cloud judgment, cause injury, and block your way.

By making these memories conscious through Energy healing, channeled message  and/or paintings, you can clear the patterns that no longer serve you, freeing yourself to live more fully in the present.

Akashic Healing is the process of healing the present YOU by clearing the past YOU’s.