ThetaTrance Painting

Aura field and Chakra field 

prior and after treatment

GDV After.jpg
GDV exposition .jpg

The above shows the results after a 10 min. exposition to a specific painting. The GDV test participants were male and female from various age groups, they had no personal contact prior or during the test with Catherine Mesot, nor were they aware of Catherine’s work or therapy.

the creative path to  

ThetaTrance Painting s a unique and alternative holidstic therapy developed by Catherine under the guidance of her Spiritual Team, the Council.

The healing energy of Spirit is channeled and materialized in forms and colors within paintings used for body-soul-mind healing. 

How does it work?

Healing energy provided by channeled paintings is used to balance the electromagnetic field and the flow of energy within the body, thus restoring health to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Each painting is created in an altered state of consciousness (trance) and contains Life Force Energy. The core intention for each creation is “for the highest good of the patient” and is completed by specific healing energies such as; “Balance”, “Create Boundaries”, “Infinite Trust”, “Dissolving Fears”, “Inner Peace”, “Dissolving Procrastination” and many more.

The energy of colors and forms combined with the intentions dissolve, transform and balance blocked energy channels from the body's aura and chakra system, re-establishing the perfect balance inherent to our well-being and good feeling.

The body’s physical natural healing abilities are restored and enhanced during the treatment, allowing the activated healing process to continue beyond the time of the session.

What can you expect?

In an altered state of conciousness, Catherine channels clear, precise and insightful guidance and information about the cause or the purpose of your physical, emotional or spiritual challenge.

Information comes from various sources such as her Spiritual Team, your Guides, deceased Loved Ones or the akaschic records, whichever source is the most relevant for your personal situation and understanding.

You will then proceed to release any energy blockages with the support of channeled energy paintings. Blocked emotions, brushed off feelings or hidden memories may resurface prior to being dissolved. Past life or inner child traumas can be easily uncovered and dissolve. 

The session is finished when your energy field is fully restored and chakras are aligned to give you better balance and harmony.

A session lasts approximately 1 hour.  Afterwards as with every healing session, we recommend some quiet time and to drink plenty of water to support the cleansing process. 


The every energy work is a TEAM WORK between the Spirit World, the medium and yourself. You define the change that you would like to see in your life and  then the World of Spirit defines what is most important to be done at this point in time. It means that every session is different and may concentrate on different healing aspects such as 
past life clearing portrait: you will be asked to let go of that past life by tearing apart the portrait.

Inner Child Healing, Download of Energie: you will be asked to connect with the painting in the coming days/weeks

You may receive other directives which will support you in your healing process.

Past Life Clearing

past life clearing4.jpg
past life clearing3.jpg

Energie Download

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Inner Child Healing